Deutschtown Music Festival Band Benefit @ The Warhol Museum (4/11)

So, only 2/3 of ACATCM played at the the fundraiser. Matt was unavoidable detained, so Nick and I were left to run the gamut. We pulled out the new tune that's being called "Broken Noses" right now. The song hits a lot harder when in its proper 3-piece form, though acoustic is always fun. Such a cool night.  Chet Vincent and the Big Bend, Beauty Slap, Big Gypsy, all brought their a-game - and so did Working Breed when they opened the night at the Wigle Whisky VIP Cocktail Hour. Oh yeah! And Madison joined us on stage for The Velvet Underground's "Waiting On The Man."

PLUS it was my birthday and the crowd sang Happy Birthday... someone said "John Snow" instead of "André" ha! Dig it.